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How to wash and take care of curtains at home

Curtains provide a beautiful appearance to your home. They protect from sunlight and dust. Choosing the perfect type and shades enhances the beauty of your house but, they require good care too. Now you must be thinking about how to take care of your curtains? Let’s beautify your curtains together.

Curtain care

Choosing the right curtains

You must choose the right curtains depending on the interior of your house to enhance the beauty of the house. Consider the material and shades while choosing the curtains. Also while choosing the curtains you should keep the type of use in mind for the long run. Treat the curtains according to the kind of fabric, check the labels for that. Also don’t use strong detergents and bleach.


Curtains protect us from sun rays, dust and many more. Also, fabrics and colour may become dull if dust accumulates on the fabric. Hence dusting curtains on regular basis is good practice in the long run.

Hand washing curtains.

step1: Remove the rings and locks of the curtains.
step2: Soak the curtain in lukewarm water or cold containing washing powder for 5-10 mins.
Note the water should not be much warmer.
step3: Rinse the water and dry the curtain properly.
step4: Hang the curtains for drying in such a way it doesn’t lose its firmness and also once dried attach the rings and locks again.
step5: Using the ladder or table hang the curtains again appropriately.

Dry cleaning

If you are unsure about the kind of curtain fabric then dry clean it. If it has a special kind of fabric or stitched plate then go for dry cleaning.

Machine washing

Using a washing machine is the most convenient method. Keep a temperature of water moderate . Water at normal temperature may also work. Some curtains require cold water for washing purposes. Set the timer according to the material (read the label for that, mostly 10 mins). Do not overload the machine.
Do not over dry use normal spin. Remove the rings of the curtains before machine wash.


If the curtains are not dried properly then it can lead to a bad smell and damage the material too. So while drying the curtains you should consider some points.
Fabrics may get faded in excessive sunlight, so dry curtains in place with mild sunlight. You can also dry it in a well-ventilated room keeping the fans on. Spin-dry also works for the drying purpose, again depending on the type of fabrics.

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